WhatsApp Tricks : All the latest WhatsApp Tricks 2019 explained.

WhatsApp Tricks  All the latest WhatsApp Tricks 2019 explained.

WhatsApp is an app that doesn't need much introduction. It is one of the most used apps in the world. Now I am going to show the coolest tricks in WhatsApp. So let's get started.

1. Become a spy in WhatsApp

 This trick makes you a spy, I mean you can see your friends messages and WhatsApp status without Knowing to them. Yes, they will not get the blue ticks marks even if you read their messages. And they will not see your name in watch history of their WhatsApp status even if you watch their WhatsApp status. You just have to disable an option called "Read receipts" and to do that go to settings>privacy>again privacy. There you will see the option "Read receipts" it will be enabled and you have to Disable it. That's it now you are a spy do what you want no one will never know.

2. Hide contact

 If you chat with your friends using some great words ( understood what I mean?) Or if you chat with your Girlfriend or Boyfriend and in order to hide that particular person, many people would simply delete the messages or the contact to hide that particular person from their parents or friends but this is not the right way to do it.

To hide the chat of one person or many you can simply select the person by long press and click on the "archive" button on the top bar. That's it the person's chat will be hidden.

 And if you want to recover the chat then simply scroll down to the bottom. You will see an "Archive" option click on it.

Select the person whom you want to recover and again click on the "Archive" option in the top bar.

‌3. Know who blocked you

 There are some great people in WhatsApp who are always blocked by someone. If you are one of those and want to know who blocked you, just make a group with the suspects and if the suspects, appear in the group then they haven't blocked you. If you can't find the person in the group info even if you add them to your group, then they surely blocked you.

4‌. WhatsApp groups

We know anyone who knows our mobile number, even if he is not in our contacts can add us to his group. So to stop these kinds of acts WhatsApp bought a new feature that enables you to choose who can add you in a WhatsApp group. This setting is very useful to every WhatsApp user. So if you are a WhatsApp user and want to enable this setting just follow the instructions. First of all, open WhatsApp>go to settings>account>privacy - here you will see an option called
groups. Click on that, you will see three option there.

1. everyone
It means everyone who knows your number can add you in their WhatsApp group.

2. my contacts
It means, only the people who are in your phone contacts can add you in their WhatsApp group.

3. nobody
It means nobody can add you in any of their WhatsApp groups.

Very useful feature right. So go ahead and immediately change your WhatsApp setting.

5. Voice message preview

Generally, if you want to send a voice message, you have to hold the Mike button and slide up to record or slide left to cancel but when you finished recording you can't preview your voice message right?

Now, this trick can help you to preview your Voice message before sending it to your friends. First of all, start recording your voice message, after it is done don't press the send button or cancel button. Just press the back button and again go to the same contact where you have recorded your voice message,

 there you may see your voice message in the message bar that's it, guys. There will a play button, tap on it and listen to what your voice message. if you are satisfied with the recording then send it to your friend.

6. Play Voice message

This one is also related to voice messages, for this new feature you need to update your WhatsApp. Now Usually when your friend sends you multiple voice messages like 2 or 3 voice messages continuously. You have to tap on 1st to listen. After completing the 1st one you have to again tap on the 2nd voice message to listen. But now after the completion of 1st one you don't need to tap on the 2nd to play it WhatsApp automatically plays all the remaining voice messages for you. Cool feature right, give it a try.‌

7. Status Privacy

If you want your parents or family members not to see your WhatsApp status but should be visible to all other contacts. Well, there is a way to do that. Simply tap on the status bar.  Then the three-dot menu and click on status privacy. Here you will see 3 options

1. My contacts
It means all the members in your WhatsApp will be able to see your status.

2.My contacts except
It means you have to select the persons whom you don't want to see your WhatsApp status. You can hide your WhatsApp status from the selected persons.

3. Only share with
It means you can share your WhatsApp status only with the selected persons.
Only the selected persons will able to see your WhatsApp status.

8. Only audio status

 Sometimes you may want to just upload only the song of the video, not the full video, but that not possible in WhatsApp you cannot add songs to WhatsApp status. Well, now you can make people who ever watch your status just listen to the song hiding the video. Well to do that simply select the video and tap. On the pen icon on the top bar. Select your favorite color and tap and hold the video with your two fingers simultaneously. Now the color will cover the whole video and anyone who sees your WhatsApp status will only listen to the audio but cannot see the video. Cool trick right? Give it a try.

9‌. Google assistant

 This is very useful but many people don't know this trick. Now, if you want to send a WhatsApp message to your friend what would you do? You go to WhatsApp select your friend's contact,  type the message and click on send. But that's more time-consuming. To send a WhatsApp message more quickly just follow the below steps.

1. Say ''ok google send a WhatsApp message to 'your friend's' name''

2. Say your message and again say send.
    It is that simple.

10. Pause Status

How do you pause a video? I am pretty sure you would say I will just tap and hold the video to pause it. pausing the video like that sometimes may frustrate you because every time you try to pass the status it skips to net status. But this is not the right way to do. To make your video paused even if you emove your finger you just need to keep your two fingers on the video and just swipe towards each other. That's it now the video will be paused.

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