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Top 6 most effective ways to earn money.

Top 6 most effective ways to earn money.

Short Description: there is no human on this planet who doesn't love this word. Everyone wants to make money. What about you?

Product Description there is no human on this planet who doesn't love this word. Everyone wants to make money. What about you?

Do you want to make money online? After trying so many methods you lost your hope? IAM going to show you some of the most effective methods to make money online but if you think you can become a millionaire overnight with the below-mentioned methods than I'm sorry that's not going to happen.

 The only lottery can make you a millionaire overnight so keep that in mind and I promise if you work hard you can surely become a millionaire but it takes some time and hard work. So without any delay let's explore some of the best methods used by many to make money online.


Become a youtube.
You all know YouTube right. If you haven't then you are not considered as a human. You can make a Youtube channel for free. With a YouTube channel, you can surely become a millionaire but as I said earlier it takes time and effort. So go create your YouTube channel give it a good and attractive name and the most important thing is the "content" that you want to publish on YouTube.

 Don't go with the same usual content and don't copy any others content without a legal copyright license, if you did, then you journey ends up with a copyright claim and you lose your hope and you will eventually give up. so try to create unique content do research on which is topic mostly liked by people and make it in your own way.

 If you don't know how to set up a YouTube channel or anything about YouTube just search "how to create a youtube channel" on YouTube itself you will surely get the answer. If you are up to creating a YouTube channel then all the best and remember it takes years to grow. Good luck.

2.Own Website

Create your own website.
With a website that has good content and drive's good amount of traffic, anyone can earn a decent amount of money. Creating a website is very easy you don't need any coding experience. But the website is not free you have to spend some money on domain name and hosting services.

 I would recommend using a blogger which gives the free blog and hosting but you cannot earn money with it. so first create a free blog and learn "how to post articles" "SEO", "how to build a website" and also learn "WordPress" which helps you to create a professional website. You can learn about all the above-mentioned topics on YouTube.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular and powerful method to earn money online. You can create an affiliate marketing app or a website and earn a lot of money.

 Affiliate marketing works in the following way…. You have to join an affiliate program of a company and sell a product or service of that company and you will get commissions in the form of money. The most popular affiliate marketing agency is Amazon associates and it is completely free.

  So go and create an account on Amazon associates and sell the products in Amazon to your friends, family or to anyone through sharing products link in WhatsApp, Messenger, website and earn high commissions with an Amazon affiliate programme.

4. Reselling

Nowadays reselling is one of the most effective ways to earn money. There are many Reselling apps available on the play store and also app store like paytm and meesho.

 Reselling works in the following have to create an account in a reselling app lets take paytm. Select a product and share it with your friends and family. If anyone what's to buy the product you can fix your own price to that product. Example, if your friend wants to buy a shirt that you shared to him and let's imagine that the cost of the shirt is 500 rupees, you can tell him that the cost of the shirt is 600. if he agrees then collect money from him and order the shirt to his address make sure to tick mark the " buying for some else" option in paytm before ordering.

 The Bill will be printed as 600 for your friend's shirt, but it costs only 500 for you. That's it. You will earn 100 rupees without any investment. So sell as many products you can at your own price and earn money.

5. Freelance

become a freelancer.
If you have any kind of skill like painting, coding, singing, dancing or anything. you can join as a freelancer in websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and much more. And you can earn money online by working as a freelancer.

 The people who need your work will pay you to get the job done. The minimum amount is 5 dollars but you can add services like express delivery-to deliver your service more quickly than normal. Add some more features and take your earnings up to 50 Dollars per person. Go and create your freelance account and use your skill to earn online through freelancing.

6. Teaching

If you are a teacher or have the ability to teach what you know, then you can make a lot of money by creating a course on your favourite subject and selling it on udemy. Udemy is the world's largest online learning platform where you can find any courses you want or be a teacher and create a course and sell.

 Udemy will provide you with free tools to make an awesome course. The better the course the higher the earnings, so spend a lot of time on creating a good course and make money.

 And you also have to solve doubts of students with live doubt classes and should constantly update the course with new content, then only more people will buy your course and you will get more money.

I hope you got the answer to your question "how to make money online".
 There are also some other ways to earn money online like
1. Short Links
2. Paid surveys
3. Data entry
4. Playing games
 5. Selling photos and many more…

But I won't recommend these because you will earn a very little amount of money compared to the ones that I mentioned above and many websites which offers you these types of jobs to earn money are a fraud. So you will surely waste time finding the legit website. So don't waste time for these and spend Maximum time in the above-mentioned ones. Good luck.

So what are you waiting for? Go and earn.

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